“Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Shirt, Your Beer.”

ABV 5.4%

IBU 22

Raw & Unfiltered

Dark & Cold

“As bittersweet as watching your daughter grow up without a father.”

ABV 6.0%

IBU 36

Roadgrit Infused

Extra Yeasty

“Always last month’s flavor of the month.”

ABV 5.0%

IBU 30

Tart & Derivative

Stiletto™ Ray-Z

It’s a Hard-Knock Light

» 7x 40W Osram™ Ostar RGBW
4-in-1 LEDs

G-Max™ 200

Nice Shooting,Tex!

» 200W white LEDlight engine

Lux Capacitor

Bend Space & Time with Nearly 1.21 Gigawatts of Power

» 3x 60W warm white LEDs (2200K)

MystACL™ Z

Shake It Fast, But Watch Yourself

» 10x 30W OSRAM™ Ostar RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs

Mister Stroboto™

The Great White Hope, Thanks to 8x 100W 6500K CTO White LEDs

» 8x 100W super bright white LEDs (6500K)


Shoot Your Sign Anywhere
» Wi-Fi enabled Art-Net to DMX converter

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